First Experience with a Married Man

Manchester Escorts

My name is Sarah and I am a regular escort working in Manchester. I have been working with a prestigious escort agency from a long way back. I have seen many clients coming and telling their expectations from the escort girls and as a part of our duty we have to accept their desires no matter how harsh and unrealistic they are. I have dated with so many clients and had erotic encounters with numerous men. But my first encounter was with a 50 year old married man. It was an amazing experience for both of us as we had a pleasurable time in terms of sex and love.

He had contacted me through a website and shared his personal number. As a part of the privacy policy he had to visit the agency to see his desired escort girl. He initially offered a date with me for which he had charged very nominal dating fees. During the date he was quite interested in me and he expressed his sexual desires in front of me. He offered me a handsome amount of money I lieu of sleeping with him for a night. There were no other options for me and I had to agree on his request. The money he offered me was not a reason that encouraged me to visit his apartment but the intention behind.


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