Come to Manchester and Fall in Love With Football

Come to Manchester and Fall in Love With Football

Millions of football fans visit Manchester in search of what makes their soul breath a bit more. And this phenomenon becomes a hell lot prominent during the sunny days and scintillating nights of Union of European Football Association League and even more during the days of English Premier League, and the administration of the city cover whole nine yards in order to keep the fans entertained.

According to estimation a whopping crowd of over 100,000 football lovers visited the crazy football lover city of Manchester, resulting in huge sale of tickets in Manchester. These crazy football lovers set up their own temporary camp in the renowned fan zone areas of Manchester city throughout the city centre.

Carlsberg, the leading brand of beer and beverage, catered leaps and bounds to the fan zone areas, with huge tankers of the lager that too well situated to satisfy the supporters’ seemingly insatiable and humongous thirst for beer. The trio zones of especially renowned areas of football culture were encircled by transient Carlsberg bars and tanks and showcase huge screens on which the big collective gang of fans that watch and enjoy each and every match on the streets and from the streets.

Basically it was Manchester United and Liverpool fans that set up camp in the city centre and set the whole city on the frenzy of football. The Manchester Evening News welcomed the travelling fans to the city with special and customized messages and encouragement notes for each and every group of supporters on its front page.

The news paper lovingly welcomed the fans of Manchester United and Liverpool with amazing and heart warming messages to show their love and affection towards those football fans and the Russian supporters also received a welcome message in their mother tongue.

Although the football fans kept on coming to the city and second week of the football league also witnessed a huge bulk of the football supporters who reached in the city being fans of Manchester United, Liverpool clubs showing a fair amount of enjoyable and noticeable presence in the Manchester city.

Some crazy Manchester United fans also distributed free Manchester United Jersey to the walking by people on the streets of Manchester in the morning and were spotted playing strret football in the afternoon and in the evening. They also distributed free beer cans to the football lover groups. The Daily Record has also had an increased presence in the city during the whole football league period.

Football is something which is cherished and loved the most in the city of Manchester. And the enjoyment multiplies exponentially when you have a companion with you. A companion with whom you can have a beer, dribble the ball, discuss David Beckham or Rooney, with whom you could have a chest bump when Manchester United scores a goal, and with whom you get hooked up totally amidst the frenzy of the game. But you need not drop your spirits even if you’re a lone traveler in the city. To have one such companion in Manchester by your side, you can get in touch with Cheap Manchester Escorts a service which caters amazing escorts in the city of Manchester. So visit Manchester and fall in love with football all over again.